Murder in the Village - a 30-minute puzzle-solving 'pre-game'

A perfect way to warm your team up to Escape from The Room

Put your team's communication skills to the test, as well as your powers of deduction and your abilities for lateral thinking. You have 30 minutes to crack the codes, solve the clues and find the murderer!

The peaceful village of Claybourne is in disarray after the murder of one of its most popular locals. Inspector Graves has been investigating, but doesn't seem to be having any breakthrough. You think the Inspector knows more than he's letting on, so you and your team sneak into his office and use your wits to break into his filing cabinet and discover the truth behind the Murder in the Village! You only have 30 minutes before Inspector Graves returns - will you succeed or will you be arrested for breaking and entering?

Murder in the Village is an Escape Room pre-game that gets your team in the spirit of teamwork and puzzle-solving in a fun and immersive way.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you locked in a room for Murder in the Village?

No, the objective of this game is not to escape, but to unlock a series of locked drawers and discover the hidden truth!

I like escape rooms, will I like Murder in the Village?

We hope so. You are against the clock, you have puzzles to solve, padlocks to open and you rely on the support of your team.

What's the difference between Murder in the Village and a regular escape room?

This is only a 30-minute activity which involves searching and breaking into a series of locked drawers as opposed to searching a room. It is a non-supervised activity, but hints can still be gained via messaging.

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