The Curse of Old Maid Milly

60 minutes locked in the room where Milly mysteriously died after living the life of a recluse for many years. Something is stopping Milly's soul resting in peace - search the room, find the clues and unravel the mystery that will ultimately set you free - all the while wondering whether Milly is still in the room with you.

Suitable for ages 7+. Recommended for 2-6 players.

Young escapees and those of a more nervous disposition can choose to have toned-down scare factors.


  • Find the hidden objects, solve the puzzles and escape from the room.
  • Discover the secret of the curse of Old Maid Milly.



Recommended for less experienced teams who want the satisfaction of completing the BONUS rounds and the story, or more experienced teams who want to test their wits and play the game at maximum difficulty with no hints. We also recommend the 90-minute version for children's parties (see FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for further information.

"During the night, there’s a shift in the air,

a bone-trembling chill that tells you she’s there.

There are those who believe the whole house is cursed,

but the room at the end was by far the worst.

Search for the clues - but don’t be silly,

There’s a truth to the curse of Old Maid Milly."