777 - Conclusion

Dr Harris turned the barrels of the unusual padlock, releasing the pin and removing it from the hasp and staple; the old sewing box opened.

Inside was another silver picture frame, that matched the one of Alice and Misty, but this time, the picture was of Milly on her wedding day, standing next to the groom. Alan took the picture out of the box, revealing an envelope underneath. The envelope was simply addressed ‘My Darling Milly’. Opening the envelope, he pulled out a letter that had been typed out on an old typewriter and started reading out loud:                         

"My Darling Milly

Our lives are plagued with such cruelty! Since the sickness to your mind, our lives have never been the same. The doctors wanted me to commit you to an asylum, but I could not.

Our lives used to be so happy with our beautiful daughter and we formed the most joyful memories playing in this room. But as Alice took ill, your sickness got worse. You refused to let the doctors even see her. I had to lock you in your room for all our sakes.

I couldn’t bring myself to tell you that our wonderful daughter had been taken by pneumonia – for fear of what it would do to you - and now, as my own health grows frail, I have left you a trail of her favourite things to stir our loving memories and ultimately, lead you to this note in the hope that, one day, your mind will heal and you will understand.

As vowed, I will always love you until death do us part.

Your loving husband,


“What an incredibly sad set of occurrences. There was never any evil or malice here,” the image of Misty flashed in his mind before being quickly dispelled, ”there was only love and tragedy. Milly had been imprisoned in her own insanity, stricken by grief and unable to comprehend the truth.”

The room began to shake, all of the doors and drawers burst open in an explosion of supernatural activity. The Doctor felt a tug on his trouser pocket and then a rasping whisper passed his ear, “Thank you!” The room was suddenly still again. A curious thought passed through his mind. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his watch and examined it. It was in perfect working order, not even a scratch on it. He felt his eyes start to well up, but composed himself before any tears escaped down his cheeks. He was confident that Old Maid Milly would no longer be haunting the nursery or the room where she had died. The curse had been lifted. The house had a different feel to it now, warmer and welcoming. Maybe now, another family could start to build a life there, one filled with the same love that Milly, her daughter and husband had shared.

Doctor Harris put the dictaphone up to his mouth, “It’s over!”


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