Frequently asked questions:

What are escape rooms?

The escape (or exit) room craze started in 2006 in California, USA and has since been sweeping the world. Now in the UK, Escape from the Room is a team game that is not only fun and exciting, but gives participants a great sense of achievement when they successfully work together to solve the clues and puzzles that lead to their escape from the locked room.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

We recommend between 2 to a maximum of 6 players.


Are there any age restrictions?

Participants should be no younger than 7 years of age and children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


Can I cancel my booking?

Once a booking has been confirmed, it cannot be cancelled as this is a live event game. However, we can reschedule a game for another time if we receive at least 7 days' notice.


What if we want to bring extra people along?

That’s fine. Drop us an email at - please note the party size may not exceed 6 people in total.


What time do we need to arrive?

Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your time to avoid clashing with previous groups.


Do you offer Corporate Team Building events?

Yes, please email us at


Do you do children's parties?

Yes, please note for parties under the age of 15 there must be an adult present in the room (if non participating, the adult will not be included in the group size). We recommend the 90 minute game for all children's parties and can arrange for an additional puzzle to be put in the room to allow small birthday gifts or party bags to be discovered towards the end of the game (you must supply the gifts on the day- please email us if you wish us to put in the additional puzzle).


Can we bring alcohol to the game?

No. Alcohol is prohibited as is smoking. We reserve the right to turn away anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Is the game room accessible for people with mobility issues?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot accommodate wheelchairs.


Can I take photographs or film the event?

No, cameras and video recorders are not permitted as it would potentially reveal the game to others yet to take part and would spoil it for them. We would ask that you do not reveal any of the clues, puzzles or solutions to anyone.


Can I read any reviews for Escape from the Room?

Yes, we have some great reviews from bloggers and on TripAdvisor. Please click the links.


Where are you located?

Escape from the Room is based at 23 Merrow Road, Cheam, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 7LU. Cheam is on the following bus routes: 151, 213 (24-hour service), 470, X26.  Cheam railway station is in Upper Mulgrave Road.


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