Book The Enigma Express

(Suitable for ages 12+ as a part of a family group, 2-6 players. Although this is a good family game, we do not recommend it for groups of under 18's)

The Enigma Express is a 60-minute sit-down escape room experience set in a replica vintage train carriage with a choice of FOUR different games to play.

Just book the slot for the Enigma Express, and on the day you will be asked which game you want to play. If you are uncertain, then a game will be selected for you.

Each game consists of a completely different story, sets of objects and puzzles and the decor of the carriage is subtly altered.

2 PLAYERS £35 4 PLAYERS  £68
6 PLAYERS £100

*please note some of the games may have puzzles that are not suitable for people who are colourblind. Please email ahead to make us aware so we can let you know the most suitable game. 

The Lady Vanishes. It's 1941 and the Enigma Express is travelling from Dover to London. In what would seem to be an otherwise ordinary train journey, you notice that an inconspicuous old lady travelling alone has mysteriously disappeared between stops. To make the situation more curious, she has left her handbag behind in the carriage, beside it a strange encrypted note. Sensing there is more here than meets the eye coupled with a need of urgency, you decide to search her handbag and the carriage for clues to help you decrypt the message and perhaps discover the truth behind her disappearance. You need to be quick. Can you get to the truth before the train gets to its destination?

Strangers on a Train. It's 1938 and the world is on the brink of war. Six strangers board a train, none of whom are what they first seem but they all have the same objective; a new super-weapon that is being transported across the continent. Each individual  is a spy, trying to capture the weapon for their own nation, but one spy has gone rogue which poses an even greater threat to the world. You and your team will take the roles of these spies, and through some puzzle solving, deductive reasoning and code breaking you will try and discover the identity of the rogue. For larger groups, one member can play the role of the rogue and try to sabotage your progress. 

A Curious Contraption. It's the 1950's and Post War Britain is beginning to look to technology as a way to move the Country forward. Designs for a breakthrough invention have been obtained by British Intelligence. It's your team's mission to collect a briefcase left for you aboard the Enigma Express. You will find the designs for this curious contraption inside an otherwise inconspicuous briefcase but you will not be given the code, only what appears to be an incomplete crossword puzzle. You must use your skills to open the briefcase, and retrieve the plans from inside.

Train Trap. The maiden trip of the Centenary Celebration of the Enigma Express has been sabotaged. Somebody has snuck aboard a planted what looks to be some form of explosive device and its counting down. The suspect left in hurry, leaving behind his bag and some cryptic instructions on how to deactivate the device. You and your team will have to work quick there is only 60 minutes left on the clock. Look through his bag and search for things that will help you work out how to decipher the instructions and maybe even discover the suspects identity at the same time.