*Children under 14 can play when part of an older family group.


Book Chambers of Champions

(1 or 2 teams of up to 5 players, for groups of under 18's see conditions below, Suitable for ages 14+*)

The King of the 8 Realms of Kandala has died and by the rules of the Continent, a new ruler must be selected. Long gone are the days when this would be decided by swords on the battlefield and now it has become the custom that the next ruler would be decided by a contest of wit and guile. Each Realm would select a set of Champions to compete against other contenders for the Crown. Both teams are locked in the Chambers of Champions and must  race to complete a series of challenges set by representatives of the 8 Realms. But the stakes are high where victory is the ultimate prize and failure is met with execution.

Small groups just race against time, larger groups will be split into the two identical chambers which are separated by a wire mesh wall. You can choose to combine your efforts to win the ultimate prize or choose the more competitive approach and race to win the Crown.

2 PLAYERS £55 6 PLAYERS  £120
3 PLAYERS £75 7 PLAYERS £140
4 PLAYERS £90 8 PLAYERS £160 
5 PLAYERS £105 9 PLAYERS £180
10 PLAYERS £200