Book Ghost of Old Maid Milly

(Suitable for ages 13+*, for groups of under 18's see conditions below, 2-6 players)

Old Maid Milly lived her long life as a recluse, with only her many cats for company. In life, Milly was a troubled soul, and in death her soul continues to be restless. There has been has been something troubling her for her whole lifetime and now maybe in death you can help discover the secret of her torment. It won't be easy, the answers seem to lie in her bedroom, but you won't be alone in there. Even though you are trying to help her, her agitated spirit may have a few surprises for you along the way. Have you got what it takes to find the truth behind the Ghost of Old Maid Milly?

This game has a fun scare feel with many things designed to make you jump. Although there is no live actor in the room, at times the room will interact with players. If you would like the scare factor toned down, you must email ahead of time as the scares will be included in the reset.​

2 PLAYERS £55 5 PLAYERS  £105
3 PLAYERS £75 6 PLAYERS £120

* Children 13 and under can play when part of an older family group or in a hosted children’s party. 

** To make the most of your experience, we recommend 4-6 players in this game.