Virtual Reality Escape Game

A hybrid experience of virtual reality and sit down escape room game. All our virtual reality games will be played on the Enigma Express replica train carriage for a private gaming experience. There is one Virtual Reality headset and the game relies on the team taking turns using the headset through six different levels, while the other team members work out what to do with the items and information they find inside the train. 

Watch this space for more Virtual Reality Games coming.

Book The Vault VR

Your crew collects a briefcase and a note from the professor and one of your team needs to make their way inside the vault. You have all the information you need to help your crew member navigate their way into and through the bank, but it's not obvious how all the information will help you.  You will need to use your skills of communication and puzzle solving to extract key instructions and ensure a successful money heist.

Escape from the Room Wallington has an alcohol licence and drinks and snacks are available to buy and take in with you as you play

This is a good game for groups of children 12-18 years old but we must be emailed ahead of time to make sure we have sufficient staff coverage!

4 PLAYERS £80 6 PLAYERS £100