Book The Cabin in the Woods

(Suitable for ages 12+*, at least 1 paying adult per group,  recommended for 2-6 players) 

Ben Young was investigating a number of reported supernatural sightings when he went missing. Tracking his last known whereabouts, you find yourself locked in a cabin in the woods. But all is not as it seems. Ben Young has left you an encrypted message that might just explain what has happened to him. Search the cabin, follow the clues and crack the code to solve the mystery, ultimately leading to your escape.

3 PLAYERS £75 5 PLAYERS £105
6 PLAYERS £120

* Children younger than 12 are welcome to play when part of an older family group

Locked in the cabin, so easy to scare,
    A snap of a twig, just a rabbit or hare,
The sounds of the woods, a distant howl,
    Two eyes looking in, only an old tawny owl,
Tensions rising as we fumbled with locks,
    Clattering dustbins, simply a fox,
Huddled together, riddled with fear,
     Something passes outside, simply a deer,
Starting to calm, as we awaited our host,
   Alas too soon, as we were met by the ghost...