Book Crypt of the Cursed

(Suitable for ages 13+*, for groups of under 18's see conditions below, 2-8 players)

The Clayborn Family Crypt was built over one hundred and fifty years ago by the great Victor Clayborn. However, the Clayborns have been subjected to a family curse, each falling victim to a mysterious and sudden premature death. 

As the Crypt Keeper escorts you inside, a chill runs down your spine and before you know it, the lights go out and the door locks behind you. The only way out is to discover the secrets of the Crypt and find a way to stop the curse.

This game has a fun scary feel with moments of complete darkness. There are no live actors in the room. At least one team member must be able and willing to crawl into tight spaces. The room relies on smoke machine effects.

2 PLAYERS £55 5 PLAYERS  £105
3 PLAYERS £75 6 PLAYERS £120
4 PLAYERS £90 7 PLAYERS £140 **
8 PLAYERS £160 **

* Children under 13 can play when part of an older family group or in a hosted children’s party. 

** To make the most of your experience, we recommend 4-6 players in this game. 

**For groups of less than 4 we recommend booking the extra 30 minutes to play the normal version as the game can be very difficult.