The Aviary: School of Spies

(1 or 2 teams of up to 5 players, for groups of under 18's see conditions below, Suitable for ages 13+*)

Your team are about to graduate from The Aviary School of Spies, but you have one last assessment to complete before you do. You have been given one hour to extract the codes from 16 missions, all while trying to identify one of the Aviary's own agents who has gone rogue. Complete the missions and stop the rogue!

Small groups just race against time, larger groups will be split into the two identical rooms which are separated by a half glass door. You can choose to combine your efforts to complete all the missions or choose the more competitive approach and race to see who gets the highest grade.

2 PLAYERS £55 6 PLAYERS  £120
3 PLAYERS £75 7 PLAYERS £140
4 PLAYERS £90 8 PLAYERS £160 
5 PLAYERS £105 9 PLAYERS £180
10 PLAYERS £200

*Children under 13 can play when part of an older family group.