The Curse of Old Maid Milly: HINTS

(Attention - players with the 2017 edition of the book will need to add a small plastic MIRROR with a question mark on the back to Dr Alan's satchel)


01 “Search each location for cats and make note”

10 “the picture on page 06 will help”

11 “the picture on page 02 will help

12 “look for numbers in the words”

13 “Match your moves to the dice”


15 “CHORT”

16 “Is Milly giving you some direction”

17 “Look at the rug”

18 “Look at the picture in the drawer on page 54”

19 “The images don’t seem perfectly identical”

20 “Look for a four letter code”

21 “Who’s he looking at?”

22 “The end of the line – which line? All of them”

23 “Put the 5 books in order.”

24 “Listen to the words”

25 “Identify the flags by comparing the flags to the countries on page 25"

26 "A letter by the door, on the desk, by the window, under the bed, in the wardrobe" (apologies for any player with a 2017 edition, the wardrobe is missing the letter A)

27 "The segments in the sketch appear to match the wardrobes shelves"

28 “Look closely at each letter”

30 “Look closely at the moon/sun emblem in the center of the padlock

31 “What’s Misty missing”

32 “There is only one free flower in column 3”

33 “The key looks like its metal”

34 “The second and third cats must be in the first two columns, so where is the first cat”

35 “The first three soldiers must be 9, 6 and 8”

36 “It has a curled handle”

37 “a butterfly by the door and window, on the bookshelf and in a wardrobe”

38 “Read only one font”

39 "need a 'hand' working out what the arrow is?”

40 “Look in each of the drawers”

41 “is the sequence linked to time”

42 “the numbers represent blocks of shaded squares in that respective column or row”

43 “Is there anything in the satchel with a lens?”

44 “Look in the drawer on page 57”

45 “Work out where Henry can’t be assuming he has a cat to the left of him”

46 “Search both of the wardrobes, the bookshelf and the bed”

47 “The message is telling you what to do”

48 “turn this object round and put an ear to its base”

49 “Compare the layouts between page 49 and 08”

50 “Knowing her date of birth may help here”

51 “Look on page 05”

52 “There must be something the cats have in common with the fish”

53 “look in the drawer on page 56”

59 “Which item in the satchel has a question mark on it”

60 “Am I seeing double?”

61 “The box on page 03 will help”

62 “The hands spell out four numbers”


01 “There’s 11 cats in the wardrobe and 10 on the bed”

10 “What is the significance of each soldier’s location on page 06”

11 “The order is alphabetical”

12 “There’s numbers written on each of the top four lines”

13 “Go up ladders and down snakes, follow the alphabet – each stop is a letter”

14 “Found in a toolbox”

15 “There must be an item in the satchel that can shed some light on this”

16 “Look for directions in what Milly is saying”

17 “The way out reads ROLE UP THE RUG, what does the way back in read?”

18 “Count them”

19 “How many differences are on each cat?”

20 “If you take ME away from MISERY what are you left with?”

21 “Follow from cat to cat, each stop has a number”

22 “The last word”

23 “Is there a message on the spines?”

24 “Can numbers be heard?”

25 “The answer is in the stars”

26 “Make a name that would suit ‘playing all night’”

27 “Find the item and work out what number portion of the wardrobe it’s in”

28 “Some letters aren’t capitals”

30 “The message on the wardrobe says ‘The light of day will show you the way’”

31 “Search page 03”

32 “The order of the 4 patterned butterflies matches the order of their column number in the code”

33 “Is there something long enough to put in the pipe and reach the key?”

34 “The third cat can’t be diagonal to the first and therefore can’t be 6”

35 “Look for the CODE by seeing which numbered soldier is standing on which lettered block”

36 “Not good luck to open indoors”

37 “The order of the patterned butterflies represents the order of their respective coordinates”

38 “A cat is said to have 9 lives”

39 “What did solving the clock puzzle give?”

40 “Which option makes the most sense?”

41 “If 24 represents hours in a day...”

42 “The complete shaded image should look like a two digit number”

43 “One of the items found in the wardrobe on page 03”

44 “Use compass directions to track the key to the exit”

45 “Coco and Duffy can only go in one column”

46 “Which number books are in each location”

47 “The start of each line”

48 “This object was found in a drawer”

49 “There are tiles missing, what lettered squares would they have been on”

50 “The birth certificate on page 55 will help you”

51 “Going clockwise, how many cats on is the matching cat”

52 “How many syllables in each cat’s name?”

53 “Decode the message using the Morse code key”

59 “Reflect on the answer”

60 “Make sure you are on the right side”

61 “It seems it’s going to spell a number”

62 “The first number is four”


01 the answer is 60, go to page 60

10 the answer is 35, go to page 35

11 the answer is 14725, go to page 47

12 the answer is 2713, go to page 27

13 the answer is MISTY, go to page 49

14 the object is SCREWDRIVER, go to page 16

15 the object is TORCH, go to page 50

16 the answer is right, up, left, down, go to page 28

17 the answer is 59, go to page 59

18 the answer is 3747, go to page 34

19 the answer is 51, go to page 51

20 the answer is ISRY, go to page 39

21 the answer is 2657, go to page 26

22 the answer is 10, go to page 10

23 the object is VENT, go to page 17

24 the answer is 8462, go to page 46

25 the answer is 3804, go to page 30

26 the answer is LUNAR, go to page 45

27 the answer is 4761, go to page 41

28 the answer is SLIDE, go to page 43

30 the answer is 1015, go to page 15

31 the answer is 33, go to page 33

32 the answer is 1345, go to page 13

33 the objects are ROPE & MAGNET, go to page 61

34 the answer is 20189, go to page 20

35 the answer is 6375, go to page 37

36 the object is UMBRELLA, go to page 40

37 the answer is WEST, EAST, NORTH-WEST, NORTH, go to page 32

38 the answer is 18, go to page 18

39 the object is CLOCK HAND, go to page 44

40 the answer is 11, go to page 11

41 the answer is 52, go to page 52

42 the answer is 22, go to page 22

43 the object is MAGNIFYING GLASS, go to page 42

44 the answer is WEST, SOUTH, EAST, SOUTH, EAST, NORTH, WEST, go to page 48

45 the answer is FREDDY, go to page 19

46 the answer is 2513, go to page 53

47 the answer is PUSH, go to page 62

48 the object is GLASS, go to page 24

49 the answer is ALICE, go to page 31

50 the answer is 14/12/16, go to page 14

51 the answer is 3598, go to page 38

52 the answer is HERRING, go to page 21

53 the answer is CHAIR, go to page 23

59 the answer is MIRROR, go to page 36

60 the answer is 1692, go to page 12

61 the answer is 777, go to

62 the answer is 4625, go to page 25

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